Christmas Dog Gifts

36 products
The perfect selection of stocking fillers and treats for your dog this Christmas
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Dog Bowls

5 products
Selected Dog Bowls for homes, for travelling and for certain breeds. Keep them fed and watered and even entertained. 
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Dog Brushes

10 products
Dog brushes for all kinds of breeds, coats conditions and textures. Everything you need to keep on top of tugs and tangles for the at home...
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Dog Clothing and Coats

1 product
A wonderful collection of stylish dog coats, jackets, jumpers and more
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Dog Grooming

47 products
Our dog grooming product range provides you with the necessary tools and  equipment for the at home underdog experience. The selection includes scissors, shampoos, brushes and combs that we either...
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Dog Grooming Scissors

5 products
Our dog grooming product range provides you with the necessary tools and  equipment for the at home underdog experience. 
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Dog Grooming Services

19 products
Dog Grooming in Cumbernauld, Glasgow.  
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Dog Harnesses

1 product
Stylish and practical dog harnesses for all breeds and sizes
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Dog Hygiene

52 products
Everything you needs to maintain your dogs health and hygiene needs. 
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Dog Perfumes

4 products
All over doggy body spray. These designer type fragrances are perfect as gifts or for your own dog to eliminate bad odours. Contains extract of Chamomile...
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Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

26 products
Shampoos for all kinds of breeds, skin sensitivities and coats. From luxury shampoos and conditioners to whitening products. Everything you need for the at home...
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Dog Toys

78 products
Fun and playful toys for all kinds of dogs. Fetch, squeak, chew or cuddle it's up to you.
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Dog Training Products

6 products
Underdog's top recommendations for dog training treats, training products and the most up to date training practises based on  Institute of Modern Dog Trainers IMDT...
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Dog Treats

60 products
Tasty dog treats and chews for all kinds of breeds, sizes and dietary requirements.
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Dry Dog Food

27 products
The most popular brands of dog food for all kinds of breeds, sizes and dietary requirements such as hypoallergenic dog food, grain free dog foods and...
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Glow in the Dark

8 products
Essential items to keep your dog safe and visible in the dark winter months
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3 products
Products lovingly crafted by us at Underdog Pets. 
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Raw Food

12 products
Real food for healthy dogs.  100% Natural. Frozen Raw Balanced Diet. Entirely Human Grade. Natural & Balanced. Deliciously Chewy. Ethically Sourced
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Special Occasion Dog Gifts

39 products
Choose from our selection of special occasion dog gifts such as treats, toys, cakes and more. Add items from anywhere on our shop to make...
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Summer Essentials

14 products
 Products we recommend at Underdog to keep your dog cool, calm and entertained during the summer months when it's hot and balmy. 
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Wet Dog Food

9 products
Wet dog foods for all breeds and different digestions
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