KONG Pull-A-Partz Cheezy
KONG Pull-a-Partz Cheezy Catnip Cat Toy provides an infinite playground of fun, appeasing even the most curious of cats. Featuring 3-toys-in-1, the unique grippable patches allow cats to dismantle the toy again and again, fulfilling their natural hunt and capture...
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Kong - Tropics Pink Fish Cat Toy
KONG Tropics combine wool fabric and a generous amount of KONG Premium North American Catnip to bring out your cat’s playful instincts. These toys encourage active play, while the wool fabric makes these ideal for pouncing. The bright feathers provide...
KONG Cat Wubba Caticorn
KONG Cat Wubba Caticorn’s irresistibly fluttery tail sparks cats’ instincts to stalk and capture. This mythical creature rattles to keep kitties interested and Caticorn’s round body rolls easily for action-packed pouncing and batting in a swirl of glittery, feathery play....
Kong Connects Magnicat Cat Toy
KONG Magnicat saves kitties from boredom with magnetized paws that let him hang out while delivering endlessly entertaining variety. Irresistibly dangling legs and a flowy tail spark and reward instinctual batting while crackle sounds reward natural hunting behavior. Crackles and...
Kong Wrangler Cactus for Cats
KONG Wrangler Cactus’ long, robust build rewards instinctual full-body wrestling and hind-paw kicking. The crackling potted base continues the engagement by piquing natural instincts and adds to the fun with a tethered design that delights catch and grab behavior. The...
KONG Pull-a-part Pinata
Your cat will love the KONG Pull-A-Partz Pinata Cat Toy! KONG Pull-A-Partz Pinata satisfies cats’ instincts with two hidden toys that reward hunt and capture fun. The crackly body heightens engagement while the curly tails entice catch-and-capture fun. The rattle sounds...
Grumpy Cat Banana Peel Crinkle,Yellow
All Grumpy Cat products have been especially designed to stimulate play and interaction from cats. multi-texture, lightweight Grumpy Face The range includes a wide range of toys, teasers and danglers made from different materials and textures.
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Grumpy Cat Grumpy Knit Pouncey Cat Toy
Grumpy Cat Knit Pouncey Cat Toy is a fun and interactive toy for cats. This toy is ideal for batting and pouncing, designed to keep your cat engaged and stimulated during playtime. Made from plush materials with the iconic Grumpy...
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KONG Softies Buzzy Llama Cat Toy
Pull KONG Softies Buzzy Llama’s tail and it spins and hums. Creating movement that sparks your cat’s natural hunting instincts. Crinkle sounds and KONG Premium North American Catnip extend engagement while irresistibly soft fur calls for cuddles.
Kong Classic Kitty kong
Made in the iconic KONG Classic shape, the Kitty KONG is a durable, natural rubber toy and treat dispenser. Designed to tap into cats’ natural curiosity and hunting instincts, this versatile toy can be stuffed with treats, kibble or a...
Mouse n' Squeak
Ruff N Tumble Mouse n Squeak is a plush mouse with catnip for cats. Features Microchip with realistic mouse squeaking sound. This will keep your cat entertained for hours!
Cryst'a Balls
Made from non-toxic materials with bells inside to keep your cat entertained for hours.  
Knit a' Moggy
Cat shaped knitted style catnip toy for hours of play. Contains catnip for that extra frenzied cat excitement. 12cm
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KONG Better Buzz Banana Cat Toy
KONG Better Buzz Bananas cat toys unpeel the fun with a shape that is ideal for hind-paw kicking and comes fully loaded with potent KONG Premium North American Catnip that helps fuel playtime engagement. The mesh material and crackle sounds...
Nite n' Day Balls
The glow-in-the-dark exterior and internal bell makes these balls the perfect way to entertain your cat, providing hours of chasing and entertainment.   
Ruff'n'Tumble Golf n' Balls
Golf 'n' Balls - Colourful Soft foam balls. Fab fun for your feline to keep your cat entertained for hours!
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Spikey Balls
Spikey Balls are soft, squishy balls and have a fun, soft, prickly texture.  Perfect for indoor cats. Approximately 3cm in diameter. Each ball weighs approximately 10g 3pk
Ancol Ergo Soft Cat Brush
The Ancol Ergo Soft Brush is ideal for gently smoothing your cat's coat and removing loose hairs. This brush will smooth and neaten your cat's coat with incredibly soft bristles, making it ideal for cats who are nervous about being...
Ancol Ergo Cat Slicker Brush
The Ancol Ergo Slicker Brush is a fantastic tool for removing loose fur and leaving your cat with a glossy coat. The pins of the brush are soft and bendy, and glide through the coat to remove loose hairs from...
KONG Enchanted Buzzy Unicorn Cat Toy
The KONG Enchanted Buzzy toy lures cats with an irresistible buzzing motion that engages natural instincts. Buzzing and spinning begin when the unicorn’s tail is pulled, activating a cat’s natural catch and capture play desires. Extending the fun are crinkle...
KONG Zoom Groom Cat
Kong Zoom Groom products are the best grooming and shampooing brush available. Removes loose hair like a magnet, stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coats.
KONG Occasions Catnip Infused Soft Toy
KONG Cat Occasions Birthday Teddy makes celebrating easy, inviting kitties to play with an instinct-triggering crackle and a lightweight size that entices batting fun. This toy features two soft targets to encourage and reward capture-and-drag play. KONG Premium North American...
All For Paws Furry Ball Fluffer
Description   A bright, colourful, fluffy friend for your feline the All for Paws Furry Ball Fluffer is perfect for promoting active play for cats of all ages, made with a variety of enticing sensory materials to instigate your cat’s...
Ergo Cat Nail Clipper
The Ancol Ergo Nail Clipper is designed to help you trim a cat's claws comfortably and safety. The clipper has a comfortable non-slip handle and a semi-circular groove in the blade to help you check that the correct amount of...
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