Mikki Thinning Scissors
Single Thinning Scissors • Durable heat-treated stainless steel• Comfortable finger holes• Finger rest for extra control
Mikki Dog Coat Grooming Scissors
The Mikki Dog Coat Scissors are ideal for trimming your pet's coat. Features a precise cutting blade for great results with comfortable finger rest for extra comfort. 
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Ancol Slicker Grooming Brush
Ergo universal slicker brushes are great for getting rid of unwanted hair and combing knots and tugs to leave a smooth, tangle free coat.  Slicker brush is designed with a curved body for effective grooming for longer coated dogs Excellent...
from £5.79
Ancol Ergo Aluminium Dog Comb
The Ancol Ergo Aluminium Comb is a light and easy to use tool. The comb has coarse teeth, ideal for detangling and combing through long and thick fur, and medium teeth for shorter fur or to smooth a coat that...
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Ancol Ergo Undercoat Rake
The Ancol Ergo Undercoat Rake is an essential tool for heavy coated breeds. The rake effectively removes dead and loose fur from the undercoat and the rake is extra-wide to ensure large areas of the dog's coat are completed quickly....
Kong Zoom Groom Dog Brush
Removes loose hair, stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coats. Made from rubber material for long lasting life.  Recommended by Underdogs. "Amazing product for short haired breeds. It's the best brush we've found to remove casting hairs." - Mhairi, Underdog...
FURminator Undercoat deShedding Tool for Dogs
Removes loose hair from shedding up to 99%. Use 10-20 mins per week. Ergonomic Handle For comfort and ease of use FURejector Button Releases hair with ease, making deShedding easier than ever Skin Guard Glides over skin, prevents digging in...
£26.50 from £13.50
Wahl Dog Shampoo Diamond White
Diamond White Dog Shampoo is a ready to use natural based shampoo designed to enhance white coats.   Excellent for removing dirt and stains for a healthy shine and finish to your animal's coat. Enhance revitalise & refresh the natural...
£3.99 £3.50
Baby Powder Dog Shampoo
Baby Powder Dog Shampoo is an extra mild dog grooming shampoo enriched with soothing Aloe Vera. Suitable for use on dogs with delicate skin. Extra mild for frequent use. Directions: Pre-wet the coat and apply the shampoo, massage, into the...
Baby Powder Dog Perfume
Baby Powder Dog Perfume is an all over doggy body spray. This designer type fragrance is perfect as a gift or for your own dog to eliminate bad odours. It contains extract of Chamomile to soothe and refresh the skin. 100ml INGREDIENTS:...
One Million Dog Cologne
One Million Dog Cologne is an all over doggy body spray. This designer type fragrance is perfect as a gift or for your own dog to eliminate bad odours. It contains extract of Chamomile to soothe and refresh the skin. 100ml INGREDIENTS:...
Ancol Ergo Nail Clippers
£6.99 from £5.99
Ancol Ergo Nail Clippers
The Ancol Ergo Nail Clippers are made from robust tempered steel for a long-lasting and effective tool. The clippers feature a safety mechanism and an indent in the blade so you can be sure you are trimming the correct amount. 
£6.99 from £5.99
Mikki Deluxe Nail Clipper
Helps prevent damage caused by your pet's nails The precision cutting blades allows you to cut in one smooth action The blades are heat treated to make them long lasting & durable Available in small & large sizes
from £14.49
Be:Vegan - Hemp & Chamomile Pet Shampoo Bar
Be Vegan - Hemp Pet Shampoo Bar - Perfect for dogs with problem skin, this shampoo bar soothes and calms flare-ups with a blend of naturally calming ingredients, including vegan hemp and chamomile. Whether it’s dry and itchy dandruff, or...
£5.00 £4.20
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The Ancol Ergo Tick Tool
The Ancol Ergo Tick Tool helps you to remove ticks from your dog's skin safely, by detaching ticks gently to ensure the whole tick is removed from the skin. To use the tick tool, locate a tick by lifting the...
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Hatchwell Ear Plucking Powder
Hatchwells Ear Plucking Powder is powder formula that provides added grip when plucking ear hair. Excess hair growth in the ear canal can cause irritation and problems with air circulation. Plucking is the easiest way to remove this hair.  Use...
Hatchwell Trimmex Stopbleed
Hatchwells Trimmex is a quick acting coagulant that stops blood flow fast. Suitable for use with all animals, Trimmex stops bleeding with quickened nails and minor cuts and grazes. Apply to the quick immediately if bleeding occurs with a cotton...
For All DogKind Ear Cleaner
Relieving blend of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties gently eliminates blocked earwax and dirt, leaving the ear canal hygienically cleansed and odour free. 118ml Bottle  With aloe vera, witch hazel & tea tree oil Naturally derived ingredients, pH balanced Veterinarian formulated...
Johnson's Antibacterial Wound Powder for Dogs
Dry dressing for abrasions and minor wounds. Antiseptic, soothing and promotes natural healing - for dogs, cats and other pets. 20g
Ancol Ergo Safety Scissors
The Ancol Ergo Safety Scissors are robust scissors ideal for trimming fur in sensitive areas such as around the eyes and ears. Ergo Safety Scissors are made of tempered steel for a robust and long-lasting tool.
Be:Calm - Lavender Calming & Conditioning Pet Shampoo Bar
Be:Calm - Lavender Calming & Conditioning Pet Shampoo Bar is a deeply conditioning & moisturising shampoo with goats milk combined with calming scents of lavender and chamomile ensure your pet’s skin retains moisture at bath time, resulting in softer skin,...
£5.00 £4.20
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Be:Clean Antibacterial & Cleansing Dog Shampoo Bar
Antibacterial & Cleansing Dog Shampoo Bar. This shampoo bar gives a glossy coat, with a reassuringly clean scent thanks to the natural blend of tea tree essence and the growth-boosting benefits of green tea extract. Antibacterial tea-tree oil helps to keep...
£5.00 £4.20
Mikki Rubber Glove for Short Haired Dogs
The Mikki Rubber Glove is ideal for dogs and cats with a short to medium-long coat. This glove can be worn by both left- and right-handed people, and it allows you to easily and gently groom your furry buddy. Simply...
£10.99 £9.00
Pet Head Ditch The Dirt Conditioner
Enriched with orange peel oil, this deodorising conditioner removes any remaining odour and softens any coat. Wholesome & natural ingredients Gluten & nut free for safety Free of parabens, sulphates and dyes No harsh preservatives or surfactants Safe to use...
£9.99 £8.00
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