Dog Wash Near Me 

Our Self-Service dog wash facility in Cumbernauld is the perfect facility for washing your dog without any of the hassle or fuss you would have at home. Wash and dry your own dog, using our equipment and purpose built facilities for only £17 per dog for 30 minutes, £25 for 45 mins and £32 for 1 hour. 

Free use of shampoo
Free use of towel
Free use of brushes and combs
Free use of splash-proof aprons
Free use off finishing perfumes

 - Receive a quick demo and safety tips for using the system 
 - Thermostatically controlled water
 - Professional dryer
 - Specially designed baths for both small and large dog breeds

Book ahead, bring your dog and we can show you how it works. Our self-service dog wash is located in a separate room in the main shop.  Best of all we're in a handy location at 19b Glencryan Road, G67 2UH in Carbrain Industrial Estate with lots of free parking right outside our door. Take your dog from the car to the bathing facilities in a few short steps. 

Do I need to book in advance?
Yes to avoid disappointment. Book Here. Walk-ins are available most days, however, it is best to book to guarantee your time slot. 

What do I need to bring? 
Nothing but the dog. We provide shampoo, brushes, a towel, an apron, a dryer and finishing perfumes. 

What shampoos do you have?
We provide the choice between a sensitive shampoo or whitening shampoo for lighter coloured dogs. 

Can I bring my own shampoo?

Can I bring two dogs?
Yes you can bring as many dogs as you want. 2 x Dogs = £23

Will someone help me lift my dog into the bath? 
Yes. We can help you if you need assistance. 

Can I add upgrades? 
Yes of course. Please ask a member of staff and we can add any upgrade from the following:


 Ear care - Ears plucked and cleaned
Small Dogs £10
Large Dogs £15

 Dry Face Trim - Eyes cleaned, followed by a facial brush  out and light trim. 

Small Dogs £12.50
Medium Dogs £15
Large Dogs £17.50

 Nail Clipping 

Small Dogs £14
Medium Dogs £17
Large Dogs £19

Feet Trim - Pad and feet trim

Extra Small £8

Small Dogs £10
Medium Dogs £12
Large Dogs £15

Teeth Cleaning

 Small Dogs £5

Large Dogs £10


 Oatmeal Cleanser Oatmeal calming and conditioning cleanser is a conditioning treatment to add nourishment to your dog's coat. Suitable for all coat types.  £3
Blueberry Facial This blueberry tear stain remover treatment helps to remove tear and beard stains on lighter coats. Popular breeds such as Pugs, Shih Tzus and Bulldogs can also benefit from its enriching properties.  £3
Luxury Conditioner A deep conditioning treatment containing nutrients for a soft and supreme glossy coat. Perfect for dry or dull dog coats. £3

Manuka Honey Treatment

Manuka Honey shampoo and conditioner with added mango, deodorises the skin and coat. Bursting with fruity goodness and anti-bacterial qualities, it is calming and soothing for dogs with sensitive skin. Suitable for all dog coat types.  £3

Flea Treatment Shampoo

Mild and non-irritant flea treatment shampoo helps to beautify the coat and helps to cleanse fleas from the coat. Suitable for all breeds. £3
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