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Underdog Pets is a dog groomers in Cumbernauld, Glasgow. Our aim is to provide your dog with the best grooming experience in a calm, safe and friendly environment. We have built a strong reputation for grooming to an exceptionally high standard and providing the best customer service at an affordable price. We cater for all breeds and sizes and offer a range of services to suit your needs. If you're looking for your local dog grooming in Cumbernauld then look no further than Underdog Pets.

Searching for a dog groomers in Glasgow? Our customers come from far and wide to use our dog grooming services. We're only a hop, skip and a jump from Glasgow. Only 13 miles in fact. Best of all we're in a handy location at 19b Glencryan Road, Carbrain Industrial Estate G67 2UH with lots of free parking right outside our door. Enjoy a tea or coffee in one of the many eateries and cafes or do some shopping while you wait.  

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    Full Groom includes bath, blow dry, brush, breed or custom clip. All Full Groom packages include a complimentary nail trim and ear clean. The essential underdog to top-dog experience. 

    Prices vary depending on the breed of dog, the specified style & the condition of their coat. When you call for an appointment we can give you a base price, which is set on a dog that conforms to the following:

    • Average Size/Coat
    • Groomed Regularly or Irregularly
    • Co-operative

    Additional charges may apply for:

    • Non-Standard Breed Size and/or Coat
    • Poorly Maintained / Matted Coats
    • Trimming beyond Standard for Breed
    • Non Co-operative Behaviour
    • Difficult / Aggressive Behaviour

    Below is an example of some of the more popular breeds. 

     Breed Guide Price
    Bichon Frise From £55
    Border Collie (Long Haired) From £61
    Border Collie (Short Haired) From £50
    Cavachon From £54
    Cavalier King Charles  From £50
    King Charles Spaniel From £55
    Chihuahua From £35
    Cockapoo From £58
    Cocker Spaniel From £58
    French Bulldog From £38
    German Shepherd  From £54
    Golden Retriever From £59
    Jack Russell  From £45
    Labrador From £48
    Lhasa Apso From £55
    Maltese From £49
    Schnauzer Mini From £55
    Shih Tzu  From £53
    Springer Spaniel From £56
    Westie From £54
    Yorkie From £49


    Bath and Dry - We wash and dry your dog using expert shampoos. No cutting or trimming included. Your dog will leave looking clean and smelling fresh. Below is an example of some of the more popular breeds. 

     Breed Guide Price
    Beagle From £35
    Chihuahua From £23
    Dog De Bordeaux From £41
    Frenchie From £29
    Labrador From £38
    Husky From £47
    Pug From £29


    Puppy Package

    Puppy Package  

    (up to 6 months old)

    To get your puppy used to sitting on the grooming table we provide an introductory service. This includes being carefully bathed and brushed and having their face, feet and bottom trimmed. No body hair is trimmed in this package. This gentle service last under an hour. 



    Walk-In Services

     Ear care - Ears plucked and cleaned
    Small £10
    Large £15

     Dry Face Trim - Eyes cleaned, followed by a facial brush  out and light trim. 

    Extra Small Dogs £10
    Small Dogs £12.50
    Medium Dogs £15
    Large Dogs £17.50

     Nail Clipping 

    Small Dogs £14
    Medium Dogs £17
    Large Dogs £19

    Feet Trim - Pad and feet trim


    Extra Small £8
    Small Dogs £10
    Medium Dogs £13
    Large Dogs £17.50

    Teeth Brushing

     Small Dogs £5

    Large Dogs £10


    Extra Treats

     Oatmeal Cleanser Oatmeal calming and conditioning cleanser is a conditioning treatment to add nourishment to your dog's coat. Suitable for all coat types.  £3
    Blueberry Facial This blueberry tear stain remover treatment helps to remove tear and beard stains on lighter coats. Popular breeds such as Pugs, Shih Tzus and Bulldogs can also benefit from its enriching properties.  £3
    Luxury Conditioner A deep conditioning treatment containing nutrients for a soft and supreme glossy coat. Perfect for dry or dull dog coats. £3

    Manuka Honey Treatment

    Manuka Honey shampoo and conditioner with added mango, deodorises the skin and coat. Bursting with fruity goodness and anti-bacterial qualities, it is calming and soothing for dogs with sensitive skin. Suitable for all dog coat types.  £3

    Flea Treatment Shampoo

    Mild and non-irritant flea treatment shampoo helps to beautify the coat and helps to cleanse fleas from the coat. Suitable for all breeds. £4



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