• Puppy Grooming - Where to Start

    Puppy Grooming - Where to Start

    How to Groom a Puppy So you’re the proud and lucky owner of a gorgeous new puppy and you’re probably wondering where to begin when it comes to puppy grooming. With a puppy everything is new, so it’s important to be very gentle with their grooming and bathing. However, starting grooming early will get your new pup used to the process and sensations, leading...
  • Looking Back and Moving Forward

    Looking Back and Moving Forward

    As we’re nearing out of lockdown, our moods have been lifting along with the improvements in the weather. Now that there’s a lightness in the air and in our steps, we’ve been taking some time to reflect on the challenges we faced as a team, as individuals and as a business during the incredibly tough year we’ve all had. We posted about many of...
  • Price Changes

    Price Changes

    Price Changes We want to let you know that from 1st April, the price of some grooming services will increase in line with rate of inflation of National Living Wage 2.2%. This will be a £1 increase for small and medium breeds and £2 for larger breeds. You can check out our full price list here: https://www.underdogpets.com/collections/services We want to continue to provide the best...
  • Pancake Day for Doggos & Humans

    Pancake Day for Doggos & Humans

      Include your dog in your Pancake Day celebrations with a tasty recipe that's great for the whole family - two and four legged! Ingredients 1 cup mushed banana ⅓ cup grated apple 2 large Eggs ⅓ cup whole wheat flour 1 tsp baking powder Instructions In a large bowl, mix together mushed banana, grated apple, and egg, until well combined. In a separate...
  • How To Trim Your Dog's Nails

    How To Trim Your Dog's Nails

    Cutting your dog's nails can seem a little daunting when you've never tried it before but with the correct tools, and some of your dogs favourite treats, you can master the skill to give your pooch a pup pedicure safely. 
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