Puppy Grooming - Where to Start


How to Groom a Puppy

So you’re the proud and lucky owner of a gorgeous new puppy and you’re probably wondering where to begin when it comes to puppy grooming.

With a puppy everything is new, so it’s important to be very gentle with their grooming and bathing. However, starting grooming early will get your new pup used to the process and sensations, leading to a dog who is much more relaxed and comfortable being groomed. It's important to put in the work now as it will save you a lot of hassle down the line as regular grooming will become a fixture in your life and for your new puppy’s.

Brushing a puppy

The most important thing with brushing a puppy is to be gentle and encouraging of positive and calm behaviours. Brush types vary depending on coat types. See below for which brush types to use on which breed. 

A slicker brush and a medium-fine tooth comb is a great place to start for wool, curly, silk or double coated breeds as it will get your puppy used to be being brushed whilst being gentle on the hair. 

Washing a puppy

While your new puppy may not need as regular bathing as a fully grown pooch, bath time can be a stressful time for some dogs it’s a great idea to get yours used to shampoos, conditioners and sprays from an early age.

  1. When shampooing, use a mild, puppy specific shampoo such as the Wahl Mucky Puppy Sensitve Skin Shampoo, Animology Puppy Love, Animology Essential Puppy or Pet Head Sensitve Soul Shampoo. These super gentle options are great for even the most sensitive skin and will help support your puppy’s coat as they grow.
  2. light conditioner, such as the Pet Head Conditioner or Animology will keep their coat soft and encourage healthy growth.
  3. Finally, for on-the-go sprucing up, treat them to a fragrance spray such as our very own Underdog One Million or Baby Powder. These delicate spray will deodorise and freshen your pup’s coat, leaving a lovely soft scent. 

Drying a puppy

When drying your puppy following bath time, you can use an electric dryer on a low setting or instead opt for a gentle towel. Always ensure you keep the dryer moving and not in the same spot for too long or it can burn your dogs skin. Never frighten your dog with your own hairdryer or use it to play with as this will only encourage to develop bad behaviours or scare them and make them more scared of being groomed by professionals. We recommend using treats during the drying process and to stop and take breaks when needed if they are scared. 

Ready for their first groom?  

To get your puppy used to sitting on the grooming table we provide an introductory service. This includes being carefully bathed and brushed and having their face, feet and bottom trimmed. No body hair is trimmed in this package. This gentle service last under an hour. This service is for puppies up to 6 months. You can read more about it here. Call us on 01236 726356 to book. 


Essential Puppy Gift Box 

Puppy Gift box



Can I bring treats for my dog? We always encourage owners to bring a few treats to reward their dog. We do not give treats to the dogs unless given to us by the owner.

Can I stay with my dog? This is not usually a good idea as to get the full co-operation of the dogs we must have their undivided attention. Most dogs behave much better without their owners there to distract them. We will be happy to show you around our shop. Customers are welcome to look at the grooming salon, however, we cannot allow customers into the grooming room for health and safety purposes. If any difficulty with a dog arises the owner will be called at once.

When should I start getting my puppy groomed? 

Once your puppy has completed its vaccinations it can start making regular visits for grooming. There are a lot of new experiences for your puppy to discover and the younger they start the easier it is for them. We have an Introductory puppy groom price for £26.

More FAQs can be found here

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